Newer additions provide this 1919 Craftsman with extra charm, especially the bathroom

Another dreamy Californian bungalow is beckoning us to pay a visit. Originally built in 1919, this two-bedroom Craftsman home from San Diego is a welcoming amalgamation of modern living with classical elegance.
Like many of our Craftsman favorites, renovations gave this dwelling a striking, gracious glow. You'll see this soon enough as we inch closer to its entrance.
A stone-lined path guides us to our highly anticipated destination. New replacements like the roof and siding haven't deprived this home of its traditional charm.
The exterior's openness prepares us to embrace some of the luxurious refurbishments that await inside.
This house's original hardwood floors and quintessential fireplace have been diligently preserved over the years. LED lighting brings an angelic and energy-efficient radiance to this Craftsman's interiors.
Blue is the color of choice for the serene adornments enriching the charming living area. You will find it in vases, cushions and surrounding paintings.
The dining area glistens with creamy chairs and brilliant white decorative touches.
But does it pale in comparison to the newly fitted kitchen? We'll let you decide. While you're at it, make sure to admire the pristine quartz counters and stainless steel appliances in the vicinity.
The master suite appeals to the natural elements — so much so that you can readily open its French doors to immerse yourself in this Craftsman's backyard landscapes.
An ode to modernity is evident in this room as we make our way toward its adjoining bathroom. Don't you just love the detailing in that rounded mirror?
Refined contemporary elements predominate in the bathroom, but a lighting fixture fitted just above the mirrors reminds us of the home's Craftsman origins.
When it comes to decor, the second bedroom makes an impression with its subtle details. That tiny potted plant by the bedside table is simply delightful, don't you think?
With its marbled vanity and raised sink basin, the second bathroom celebrates the polished elements you expect to find in a 21st-century home.
It may have received a lot of contemporary touches, but this Craftsman's classic features are still evident throughout. An antique lighting fixture here, a traditional dining room there and a dash of other embellishments are reminders that there is always room for tradition within a modern abode.
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